Spy RF Signal Detector gps Spy Monitor Detector Anti Tracking Strong Detector Spy Finder WAT30


  • Brand: Wonderlong
  • Product Code: WAT30
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Product parameters 

Size: 70x35x13cm
Weight: 22g   
Materials: ABS   
Battery capacity: 200MA  
Operating current: 50 MA    
Charging time: 2 hours   
Continuous working: 5-6 hours   
vibration sensor  
LED: F3  

Suitable for

1. Hotel-based business travelers

2. Beautiful ladies

3. Frequent visitors to public entertainment

4. People who often go to fitting rooms in malls

5. People who respect the privacy of themselves and others

6. People who contact and keep trade secrets

7. Security personnel in sites of business and/or technology secrets

8. Anti-candid and anti-eavesdropping professionals

Check and scan in hotel rooms, guesthouses, bathrooms, dressing rooms, public toilets, entrainment venues, cars. 

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